So, you may ask yourself, just what is Pinkybelle’s Shed and what is it about?

I love pink!  I can’t help it it’s just a 11709600_10153446076429082_4143143853432276199_ncolour that makes me happy and for years I had my hair a gorgeous shade of pink and this inspired my tattooist to change my Tinkerbell tattoo into an original and so Pinkybelle was born.  She’s like Tink but she’s a bit of a badass rebel with pink hair.

And the shed??

This is my “she-shed” – it’s filled with everything I like!  Music, vintage bits, new bits, presents, books, craft bits in fact absolutely anything that I like. The word hoarder can be used.  I sew there, I read there, I crochet there but most of all I just sit there and “ponder”.

Now this is my invitation to you to ponder with me.

1743625_10152235362079082_2000312562_nMy head leads me in all directions so what we will ponder is just as much a mystery to me as it is to you but it could include clothes, craft, kids, tattoos, make up, tv programmes, body positivity.  In fact it could all be classed as “stuff”.  Stuff is a good word.

You see “stuff” can be good or bad but when shared it can be fun.

So join me in Pinkybelle’s shed and let’s put this mad, mad, mad world to rights and gather “stuff” together.

Love Lee and Pinkybelle


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