About Me

Hiya!  I’m Lee a forty+ woman with a hubby, 3 kids, 2 cats and a dog.11154766_980936555272791_984146970194215166_o

 I’m originally from Watford but moved to Bury, Gtr Manchester 10 years ago to live with Paul who is now my hubby.

Writing is totally new to me but I love to talk so thought I’d use this blog to talk to people everywhere about the things I like, love and hate.

This isn’t a body positive blog but I will talk about it in some respects because I’m learning!  I’m learning to love me the way I am now and not in the perfect body I have tried many many diets to achieve.  I am learning to accept and some of this is through the plus-size fashion that is around now.

This also isn’t a sewing blog or vintage blog but these are things that I love.  I love collecting all sorts of vintage – you see I tend to have hoarder tendencies I’ve been told and I love to sew but I still feel I’m learning so you are likely to read about these things too.

This is me talking to you about “stuff” and maybe introduce you to things and ideas and you can get in touch with me too using the contact me page or comments section to tell me about the things you are passionate about too or even if you disagree with me.  I’m open-minded – I know all views aren’t the same.

All I will ask is that you are respectful to each other and mind your manners because I cannot stand bad manners and bigotry.

I hope you enjoy – Loads of love from Lee xxx

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