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Now it could be said that being a "secret" hoarder it is almost obvious that both myself and Paul have got a bit of Ebay addiction.  Watching something for days and then the joy of winning it for a bargain price can (sometimes) make us a bit more excitable than a grown-up should be!

Lately though we have given up a lot of our Ebay time for something much more exciting - A REAL LIFE AUCTION!

We are lucky enough to have an auction house nearly on our doorstep, Bolton Auction House and Antique Centre, and until last year we had only been there once, but this year the auction house started running the auction with a live feed so we could happily bid from home!

On a Sunday we have been looking through the lots to see if there are any items we would like to buy and then at 10.00am on Monday morning just log in and watch as the lots are sold!

Now you would think it was safer to bid from home because you only bid on the lots you want and you aren't frightened to scratch your ear or nose without fear of it being taken as a bid (this doesn't really happen) BUT .............................  a couple of weeks ago, while the auction was on I left Paul in charge of bidding on the things we were interested in while I sat in the conservatory having a good old chat with my mate, Zoe.   I was just telling her how tempted I was to bid on a gorgeous cream leather suite the week before because it was going to sell for £5.00 but that realistically I knew we had no room for any more furniture when .................. Paul shouted "I've won a lovely oak unit because it was only £10!"


Now I know you have just seen that I refrained from bidding the previous week because we had no room but obviously Paul does not have that same restraint and was over the moon that he had "got a bargain" as he kept repeating this while Zoe was laughing and I was, well, I was fuming.  Now don't get me wrong - it really was a lovely unit BUT I refused to get rid of the furniture we already had and unless we did that THERE WAS NO ROOM!  Finally when Paul went to pick up a couple of items we did win that we did want - ie, this amazing telescope, this sewing unit and dress form, he actually saw the unit and agreed with me.  Luckily the Auction house agreed to put it back into auction where it sold (for a small profit I grant you) so all was well there.

Now, because of this "minor mis-understanding" we decided on the Sunday whilst looking through lots that we would actually go to the auction on the Monday morning.

I am so so happy we did because although bidding live online is exciting to actually sit there bidding is much more fun - note it is very important to decide what  your limit for an item is BEFORE you bid because it is really easy to get carried away.

I'm happy to say that we did stick to our limits and did win a few of the items we did want but also won some items we didn't know we wanted hahaha.  

Items we knew we wanted are :- the Betty Boop figure above, some sheet music to decorate our bedroom with and a round clothes rail.

Items we didn't know we wanted but are happy we bought :- A PiquotWare Tea set, a tin deed box, a Victorian child's commode (will be using as a plant holder btw), a Practica Camera with lenses and carry case (for Oliver's Photography course), a vintage shop scale (memories of quarters of Rainbow pips being bought) and a pretty little vintage manicure set including brush.  

Also we bought FOUR chimney pots for our back garden for planting flowers in - we were originally going to bid on one!

If you have a local Auction House I can highly recommend you check it out - I know we bought odds and sods but you can buy very good quality furniture for very low prices as well as the more unusual items.  Even if you don't end up buying it is a lot of fun and you get to meet some really lovely people.  For instance (not while we were there I hasten to add) Bolton Auction was recently seen on Antiques Road Trip!

Do remember that each Auction House has a percentage Buyers and Sellers premium which can be different for internet and On-site bidders but even including this items tend to be very very good prices.

Bolton Auctions do have disabled parking spaces and ramp to enter the building but inside it does get very busy so can be difficult to get around so if you do want to go and view lots in person it is best to visit over the weekend before, but saying that the people there are all friendly and have no problem letting you through.  If you are disabled you would need to check with the Auction House you want to attend to find out about disabled access.

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  1. Silver
    February 10, 2016 at 3:10 pm (2 years ago)

    Sounds like u had great fun… love u r dress form and telescope I’m very jealous ?


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