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Hiya I'm here again!

I just want to explain a little bit about why I found it so hard to put out blog posts this last week.

Back in the early days of the blog I posted about Mental Health  (here if you want to see it again or missed it) and admitted that I suffer from depression and since we got back from holiday I have found it really really hard to cope with the short light days and early dark nights.  


This week has been the hardest one I have had for a long time though - Thursday was the 1st Anniversary of losing my dad and I have found myself hiding myself away because the grief consumed me just as it did one year ago.

If you suffer from the loss of a loved one there are advice books available on the internet, in your library and then there is advice from medical professionals.

All I can say is that grief is an extremely personal thing and that I don't believe any of us suffer in the same way.   I agree there are "stages" but just as we are all individuals, the way we go through these stages is individual to us all.

It was sitting around the dinner table with Paul and the kids on Thursday night and listening to their happy memories of times spent with their Grandad that made me smile, to remember all the wonderful things he did with us, as a family and individually, is ultimately what will help us to overcome the grief in time.

So thank you for bearing with me and, if you too, are suffering from a loss at the moment remember there is help available if you feel you cannot cope on your own, talk about your loved one, remember them and eventually (as I hope) we will stop the tears when we think about them and remember all the wonderful things they shared with us.

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