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Well well well - hasn't it been a looooooooooooooooonnnng time since you heard from me.

Sorry about that - it's been a bit of a rough time with my SPD, Anxiety attacks and, overall, depression, and I didn't want you all coming into Pinkybelle's Shed and leaving feeling down just because that's where I've been.

But funnily enough, this first blog for a while is all about someone who also went away for a while but WOW did she come back big time.


Yes, we were luckily enough to get tickets to see Adele for the whole family but the 14 year old grunted something along the lines of "what do I want to see her for?" so my good friend, Zoe, came with myself Paul and Tommy to the Manchester Arena on Monday 7th to see Adele in her first UK concert in so many years.

Now the arena isn't the best place for disabilities, they do have a few places but overall I try to avoid it if I can BUT I took my time and Zoe and Paul protected me from being bumped very very well and Zoe - bless her - is amazing at stopping crowds on stairs and making sure I am not shoved down, she will hold a queue for as long as it takes me so if you were in that large group behind me, i'm sorry and thank you for your patience 😉 x

Anyway back to the main event - Adele!

We like her music in this house but we weren't massive fans if I'm honest all we knew was her voice is outstanding and she would be worth going to see.  When we left - we were all fans (including Tommy) - not only does she sing her heart out but when she was chatting she showed just what a lovely person she is and how down to earth she has managed to stay.

Before she came on the stage was set with a huge pair of Adele's eyes (with the perfect smokey eye and liner I must add) closed then just after 8 ............................................

Hello (beginning of the song) boomed out and the eyes opened and Adele appeared in the little stage in the middle of the Arena floor.


Hello was just the beginning of an amazing couple of hours where Adele blasted out her fantastic hits including :- Rumour has it, Someone like you, Chasing Pavements (or as Tommy sang - Chasing Penguins), Skyfall (Paul's favourite), Make you feel my love (actually made Zoe cry), Set Fire to the Rain, Hometown Glory, When we were Young along with others from 19,21 and 25 then finally finished with my favourite - Rolling in The Deep.

Now not only did she wow us with her voice - her personality shone, it might have been a big arena but she didn't need all the bells and whistles and moving stages, effects etc that some others use, which I do like too I hasten to add, but Adele just shone - she called a young girl onto stage with her who was at her first ever concert and tried to have a chat with her but the girl was so overcome she burst into tears so Adele cuddled her.

Then a bit later a couple who were announcing they were expecting a baby the following week to friends and family were allowed to film Adele actually making the announcement for them!  How fantastic is that.

Now some people don't agree with swearing but Adele did drop a few and that doesn't bother me but it just went further to show that she hasn't lost her London roots - she talked a lot about where she grew up and things she got up to and really - it was all so so normal, far far away from the person who sings as the Oscars and everywhere.

It seemed to come round too fast the moment during Rolling In the Deep when the confetti came down from the ceiling letting us know it was the end of the show.

All in all an absolutely amazing night - Thank You Adele, hopefully in the future we will get to see you again, and long may you stay the girl from London with the OUTSTANDING voice, you have gained 3 more fans in this house.


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