I’ve missed you so I’m back for good!

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Well helloooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Its been a long time hasn't it but life has changed enormously for me since I last wrote to you all.

So much to tell you but I won't do it all in one post - it's going to be a bit cathartic for me I suppose writing just what has been going on in my life and all the exciting things that are starting to happen.

First things first - my marriage broke down, we were under a LOT of stress and instead of pulling together we pulled apart I guess and it was a horrible horrible few months!  The house had to be sold and the kids had to be settled where I was finally going to settle - back down south, in Northamptonshire closer to my eldest son and Watford where I was born and bred.

Its been a lot to cope with emotionally and somedays I haven't felt like I've coped at all but the kids are happy and I'm getting there slowly but surely.

Secondly I'm now privately renting a house where I no longer have a pink shed BUT I do have a spare room that is becoming my new "PinkybellesShed" space - full of my sewing, crafting, vintage and girly things which I hope to show you in the coming months.

Life is starting to look better - although my disability causes me problems I am finding some ways of coping with the pain as I refuse to take Tramadol anymore (something else I'll explain at a later date) and I have taken on a couple of exciting new opportunities that I am dying to tell you about.

Anyway - just so you know - I am back and I look forward to writing more and more for you and telling you all about how I'm moving on with my "new life".


Just a little something I've learned from my journey so far

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