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Well I bet you didn't think you'd hear from me here - in the Shed again - did you?  Well surprise suprise i'm back!

It's been a really really tough few months (with a few good bits in between) BUT I'm much better now and my head is fit to share its weird and wonderful view of life with you if you'd care to join me (again).

It's good to be back!

Well here goes:-

It's that time of the month (no not that one) where the lovely ladies from #Plus40Fabulous all write about the same topic with their slant to it and this month the topic is "A memorable holiday.

Now I've been lucky enough to have had some amazing holidays through out my life courtesy of my mum and dad - from having a boat on the Norfolk Broads, to the Isle of Wight and back to Great Yarmouth.   Then when I was a single mum to Keiran, mum and dad took us twice to Limassol in Cyprus which, if I had the pictures on my laptop would be the holidays I told you about, because I fell in love with the island and one day I hope to go back again.

 So because I was bought up with amazing family holidays it seemed appropriate that once my dad's will was sorted out we organise a family holiday for myself, Paul, Ollie and Tommy and because they never had a honeymoon - Keiran and David!

This is the holiday I'm going to tell you about - Tenerife, Easter 2016!



So - as I said we booked a holiday for all 6 of us!!

We chose the Hotel Isabel in Costa Adeje, Tenerife as everyone knows the weather is always fantastic in the Canary Islands.

This was going to be the holiday of a lifetime - the one time we could all get away together and we could all do something we wanted to do.  We didn't expect Keiran and David to spend all their time with us (they had a flat we had a bungalow) but they did and it was this that made it such a memorable holiday!  The six of us having a ball in Tenerife!

There was sea fishing for Ollie and David (which Ollie has decided he will never do again) he will stick to land, there was an underwater submarine for all the boys (me - not a hope in .....), there was the trip up the volcano for Paul, Tommy, David and Ollie and for me (being on a brilliant hired mobility scooter) - the boys decided they wanted to come down to my level and we hired 3 double mobility scooters for an afternoon and it is an afternoon that willl stay with me my entire life.

I can't remember laughing as much as I did that Sunday afternoon - Ollie trying to wheelspin with David on the back, Keiran driving Miss Daisy (me) and Paul with Tommy trying to keep first place, all while avoiding pedestrians!

That is what made this holiday the most memorable - it wasn't that it was an absolutely outstanding hotel (which I highly recommend), it wasn't the fact that there was a market twice a week right opposite (bags bags bags!), it wasn't that the food was sooo good we all put on loads of weight.

It was the laughs we had - whether it was in or by the pool, whether it was out on a trip, whether it was eating dinner or while spending time sat in the garden of our bungalow at the end of the night - we spent loads of time laughing, as a family!

We don't get to do it that much - all six of us - but on that holiday we did and that is what makes a memorable holiday for me - the people and the quality time you manage to spend together!

So I've given you an insight into one of my memorable holidays - why not go check out what the other #Plus40Fabulous ladies have to tell you, here are the links and keep looking because I will be back - VERY SOON





Nikki :

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  1. keiran
    July 17, 2016 at 6:24 pm (2 years ago)

    Love it! Had an absolutely amazing time!!!


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