One down!

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See this cuddly little bear - I'm pretty sure I was something like this in a previous life, either the bear or a squirrel, a tortoise, a hedgehog, in fact anything that hibernates for the winter because me and the cold just don't get on.

Doesn't time fly!

One month into 2016 already and I am so happy that January is out of the way because if there is any month of the year I can't stand - it's January.

You see living with the chronic pain from SPD is difficult enough but when it is cold and wet on top of the long dark days I find it even more difficult to cope with.  At least in December you have got the excitement of Christmas to look forward to but January ................ NOTHING!


But then...............

Ahhhhh - February, the month of Valentines and Pancakes!

Now there is something to look forward to - Shrove Tuesday, pancakes pancakes pancakes!

Every year we make our pancakes and say "why do we only have them once a year because we all love them" and promise to have them more but then forget so Pancake Day really is something to look forward to.

Valentines Day - a bit different when you're married and your husband is romantic nearly every day of the year (i'm a lucky lady) but its still lovely to get that card that tells you how much.

But best of all - as February goes on the days get noticeably longer and you just know that just around the corner is March and knowing that the clocks will go forward and it will be Spring!

Bring on Spring - even thinking about it makes me happy, the blossom, the flowers, green appearing everywhere again and most of all long long bright days.


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