The importance of …………… A Dining Table!

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Now I don't know about you but in this house meals have usually been eaten from a tray in front of the tv and more importantly - in separate rooms!

We did have a dining table for years but all it was used for was piling "junk", ironing or anything we didn't know what to do with and then at Christmas, maybe just maybe, we sat together and ate our dinner.


Is this just something that happened in our house or do you find you rarely eat up the dinner table as a family?

Where has this old tradition gone?

I'm sure when I was younger we ate a lot of our meals up the dinner table - especially if we went to visit one of the nan's and they had done our Sunday Roast.  Memories of loads of the family sat around the tables joined together on stools and chairs of all shapes and sizes laughing and talking together enjoying nan's amazing Roast Beef dinner.  But woe betide you if you got on the wrong side of nan and didn't eat it up - you got a clip round the ear haha

The problem as far as I can tell (especially in this house) - Technology!

When we were on holiday the other week it was so so lovely not having the kids (or us) constantly looking at our phones, laptops, tablets or tv.  Sitting down to breakfast, lunch and dinner together we all spoke and it was amazing and I knew that I didn't want to lose that when we got back home.

So having talked it through with Paul we decided that the conservatory we were having built at the time was going to primarily going to be our new dining room.  

As you've probably guessed by now we don't buy new furniture so as usual we looked around the usual places for a nice dining table and found this one on ebay and it was local and we ended up winning it for a real bargain price - we could not have been happier.


Here it is in pride of place in the conservatory and now we are having every evening meal all together at the dinner table and it has been brilliant.

All technology is banned while we are eating - no phones, no tablets, no tv, no laptops and finally after many years we are sat talking to each other about the things we've done during the day - to actually have the Teen talking instead of grunting at is makes it worth its weight in gold alone haha

This is one old-fashioned tradition I am happy to have bought back into our little family and long may it continue.

So - are there any old-fashioned home traditions you miss and want to bring back to your home?  Do you all sit around the dinner table or is that only on special occasions?


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