True Romance

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Last time I wrote here it was about the outfit I was going to wear to the wedding of one of my besties and now I'm going to tell you about the day.

It's taken a bit of time because I have had a week of pain and I couldn't get my head in the right place to be able to tell you about how truly wonderful and romantic the day was.

Since the day the date was announced Zoe and Chris have been so so secretive - not letting on anything about the wedding.  The only thing any of us guests knew was that we had to be at the Dryfesdale Country House Hotel in Lockerbie, Scotland at 12pm on the 29th July and (as I was reminded constantly) MUST NOT BE LATE!

Me being me I had to try and find things out - throwing questions into conversations like "Are you arriving by helicopter?, Is Chris landing by parachute?" etc etc 

But however I tried Zoe clicked on and I found out a big fat ZILCH!

On 28th July - Me, Paul, Ollie and Tommy drove up to stay in the Days Inn Gretna Green with the plan to stay until the Sunday.  It was a nice enough place to stay - and was a in a good location for everything we hoped to visit while we were in Scotland.

Anyway - back to the day, at 12pm at the Drysfdale (everyone on time!) we all got on a coach with absolutely NO IDEA where we were going.  It was a brilliant magical mystery tour with everyone looking at signs to see if we could guess our destination but no joy!

Eventually after we had all made lots of wrong guesses we pulled into the drive of Caerlaverock Castle and after we got off the coach and walked around the corner - the most beautiful castle ruins were in front of us!  It was truly a stunning location.  By then we had also seen Zoe and Chris's eldest boys wearing kilts and traditional scottish dress and this was only the start of the most romantic wedding I have ever been to!

*I would like to say here that the staff at the castle were fantastic - they saw I was having problems walking and lent me a wheelchair for the duration of our visit to the castle.

As well entered over the drawbridge of the castle - a piper was playing, we went through into the back of the castle and there was Chris in full Scottish costume along with his best man.

The setting could not have been more magical and after we had all travelled to Scotland the day before in pouring rain - it seemed like someone was looking down on them because the sun was shining and it was all just perfect.

Very soon after Zoe was led in by the piper on the arm of her dad and she looked absolutely beautiful.

We all knew the day was going to be full of surprises but when it came to the exchange of rings NONE of us could have imagined what happened next - Chris put on a glove and an owl - yes, a gorgeous owl flew to him with the rings in a little bag attached to its foot.  I don't think there were many dry eyes in the castle that day - there was so much romance in the air and everything was truly magical.

While the official photographer was taking pictures there was a lot to explore - I highly recommend a visit to Caerlaverock Castle if you are visiting Scotland because I know I would love to return and maybe explore a bit more of the grounds and Castle.

When we finally arrived back at the Dryfesdale Country House Hotel we were taken into a room that Zoe, Chris and Family had decorated and it carried on the magical Scottish theme with so much detail!  Each table was named after the elements and had a poem about its individual element, we were sat at the "Air" table - which as Libra is an air sign I found quite apt.

When Mr and Mrs Carroll were announced into the room - the piper played and led them in - again a beautiful touch.

I'm not going to go into everything we did and ate but I will say it was all amazing food - I don't think anything went to waste and we were all stuffed.



Now as if the day hadn't been romantic enough there was still, as I far as I think, the most romantic thing to come which none of us could have imagined in a million years.

It came at the end of the Best Man's speech - we were told to leave the room into the grounds BUT we had to take a pebble from a basket held by Molly, Zoe's daughter and pretty bridesmaid.

We then went over between a pair of trees where a table was set up and .................. A pagan/celtic ceremony calling on the elements was held.  OMG!  I have never seen/heard anything so beautiful and at the end we had to put all our good wishes for the happy couple into our pebble which was then covered with water and Zoe and Chris will be keeping these forever.   I never knew such a beautiful ceremony existed and if only it could be made legal in itself because I cannot say enough good things about it.

So many details happened - Zoe and Chris put so much thought and effort into the whole day I wish I could describe everything but I fear this post would go on and on and on as I remember every single detail.

I would like to, again, wish loads of love and happiness to them and I hope they have a beautiful honeymoon in Kefelonia and Zoe - thank you for letting me share here your truly amazing wedding day xxx


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