TV Addiction!

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I have become addicted to way way way too many tv series available.

Whether its from Netflix, Amazon Prime, downloading or Sky box sets - they are everywhere and I know I can not be the only one - there must be hundreds of people out there who binge  - ie when the entire series of Orange is the New Black is released to Netflix in Mid-June yearly.  The minute the date is released do you pencil it in your diary crossing out that day and the next so you can get the day off/nibbles in so you can sit there in front of your tv watching episode after episode? Or is that just me?

Well, having sat here today looking at all the updates and new trailers that were released this weeked at San Diego Comic Con - it made me think of some of my favourites and hoping that someone out there would recommend something else for me to become addicted to.

Top of the list has to be Supernatural with the gorgeous Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins - I have watched all 11 seasons (some over and over again) and have been watching them today on the internet trying to catch snippets of what will happen in Season 12 as well as finding out the release date of 12th October (late birthday present haha).   Even just watching Youtube videos of the things the Supernatural Cast get up to at their Comic-Con panels can have me whiling away the hours.

Ok - this might be a bit sad of me BUT I was missing my Supernatural boys and rembered seeing that Jared Padalecki had recently been filming the reunion of the Gilmore Girls.  Now I had never heard of this let alone seen it so thought I'd give it a go!  BIG MISTAKE - I was hooked from the minute I saw Carole King did the theme tune, and seeing as this was slap bang in the middle of me going through a painful period I somehow watched all 7 seasons in less than 2 weeks!  

Talk about binge but it was so so soooooo good - I absolutely loved it and cannot wait to see the final 4 episodes that should hopefully let me know that Lorelai Gilmore married Luke and who Rory Gilmore ended up with (I hope Dean but seeing as that Mr Padalecki's character there is no surprise there!).

Very girly series (I sobbed during Episode 15, Season 5 when Lorelai quotes a scene between Katie and Hubble in The Way we Were) and ok its from a few years ago but it really is a fab watch with the added bonus of some fabulous 80's tunes!

Next up is another very obvious choice because is there anyone out there who isn't a fan of The Walking Dead?

As someone who is petrified of horror films if anyone had told me years ago that one of my favourite series ever would be based around the zombie apocalypse I would have laughed in your face.

Now I am counting the days down to the end of October to find out who fell foul of Neagan (if its Daryl Dixon I will NEVER watch TWD again fact!) and where oh where is Carol? 

Who would have thought the writers of Lost would have come up with Once Upon A Time!

As a huge, massive Disney fan I absolutely love this and every season I can't wait to see which mystical land (Oz? Camelot? The Underworld?) our heroes will visit next.  Is Rumple (the amazing Robert Carlyle) a goodie or a baddie and why oh why is he the Beast that Belle fell for?

I will admit to looking at the trailer for the upcoming season (courtesy of Comic-Con) and cannot wait to see how the new characters fit into Storybrooke.

After watching this - Sons of Anarchy - I actually thought I would never ever be able to watch a series of anything ever again!

I never thought a programme about bikers would ever take my breath away as SOA did - and after the last episode to know that there would never again be more well ...........

If you have never watched it - WHY NOT?  

Being someone who is often stuck laying down box series can be a godsend but sometimes (when they are too good) they can be the worst thing because everything else falls by the wayside.

Are there any you can recommend?

I have also fallen prey to Boardwalk Empire, Reign, Orphan Black, Suits, Bones, Game of Thrones, The Vikings and Devious Maids - all of which i think are really good.

So are you for or against a good old binge watch of a good series?

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