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I have so so been looking forward to today for over a year now!

When this is let loose into the internet world - one of my best friends, Zoe will be finally married to Chris.

It is being held in Lockerbie, Scotland and apparently they have allsorts of surprises for everyone attending going on throughout the day..

Initially when we got the invite I was pretty sure that I would wear a Lindy Bop or Lady Voluptuous dress because they are always my go to's for dresses when I have an occassion to attend but when it came to buying something I uuuummmmed and aaaahed and finally decided I wanted to wear something more 70's!

Just before I threw my dummy out of my pram (hahaha) I saw an advert on tv with Lorraine Kelly advertising Fashion World and thought maybe - just maybe and thats when I stumbled upon this beauty by Joanna Hope in the sale (also other codes were available on the internet leading to more pennies saved - always a good thing).

Available here

Next I needed shoes and a hat and that made my next stop Asos because I've previously had some good hats from there and luckily they had just the one I needed (available here)

Then I found they had these sandals which I thought looked quite 70's and since I have tried them on I can tell you they are really comfortable (they are available here)

Finally, from eBay I got a really pretty crochet and bead necklace to finish the look as well as a vintage beaded handbag.

So - outfit purchased without leaving the house and without any stress haha

I am really looking forward to this wedding followed by 2 more days around Gretna Green for some touristy visits and no doubt will share with you all some of the events of the weekend.


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